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Difference Between Classical Music and Pop Music

pop music

Classical music and pop music are two of the most popular genres of music in the world. While both types of music have their own unique characteristics, they are also very different from each other. Classical music is generally considered to be more complex and sophisticated, while pop music is often seen as more accessible … Read more

VST Plugins for Perfect Equalization in 2024

industry technology music computer

Introduction to VST plugins and equalization Equalization is a fundamental aspect of music production, allowing us to shape and balance the frequency content of our audio recordings. In the digital realm, Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins have become indispensable tools for achieving precise and professional equalization. These plugins emulate the functionality of physical hardware, offering … Read more

Home Music Mastering Techniques

Home Music Mastering, Music, Mastering,

Introduction The availability of affordable recording equipment, software, and online resources has democratized the music production process, allowing artists to experiment, refine their sound, and release music independently. With these advancements in technology, aspiring musicians and producers can now create professional-quality recordings from the comfort of their own homes. The Basics of Home Music Mastering … Read more

The Impact of Sample Rates and Bit Depths on Audio Interface Quality

Audio interface, Focusrite, sound card

An audio interface is an essential piece of equipment that serves as the gateway between the analog and digital domains. It allows musicians, producers, and sound engineers to capture, process, and manipulate sound with unparalleled precision. An audio interface enables uninterrupted communication between music instruments, microphones, and the computer. sample rates and bit depths. Imagine … Read more

The 8 Stages of Music Production

Mixing, Mixer, Audio recording, Stereo

Every hit song you hear, from the soulful ballad to the head-banging anthem, started as a spark in someone’s mind. But that spark needs a whole lot of nurturing before it can ignite the world. That’s where music production comes in a multi-step journey that transforms raw ideas into polished masterpieces. 1. Songwriting: Where it … Read more