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Things to Consider When Stereo Miking Your Drums

drums, drummer, music-2708199.jpg

Since the ancient days, drums have been the backbone of musical expression. Capturing the diverse range of tones and textures in a drum set is an art in itself. This is where stereo miking enters the scene, transforming the way we record and reproduce the thunderous, intricate soundscapes of drums. Understanding Stereo Miking Stereo miking … Read more

How to Silence the Hum in Your PA System

amplifier, amp, mixer-4645840.jpg

In a world full of electrifying performances, there’s one buzz that’s not welcome—the hum in your PA system. Musicians and sound technicians, listen up! I am about to uncover the secret to eliminating that pesky hum once and for all. Unmasking the Mystery You’re at a live concert, and as the anticipation builds, so does … Read more

Best Tips On Stereo Miking For Ensembles

Ensemble, recording, singing, band

When recording audio, there are different ways of stereo miking for ensembles! Recording an ensemble, whether it’s an orchestra, choir, or band, can be a challenging task. Not only do you need to capture the individual instruments and performers, but also create a balanced and cohesive sound. That’s where stereo-miking comes in. In this post, … Read more

Choir Recording Techniques For Beginners.

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Choir recording is a symphony of art and technology, capturing the essence of human voices to create melodic masterpieces. This comprehensive guide explores the essential elements of choir recording, from choosing the right location and equipment to mastering the digital frontier. The Essence of Choir Recording A well-crafted recording is a symphony in itself, blending … Read more